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Book It! Automatic Reserve Program

About the Service

Formerly known as I.Queue Reserve, the Book It! service is a perk exclusive to Roxbury Library cardholders. 

We love readers. Many of you are avid readers of many, many authors and we know how easy it is to lose track of who came out with what book and when. 

Book It! is an automatic, set it and forget it service that ensures you never miss the next book by your favorite author. 

Here's how it works

Step 1: Log into the Book It! Portal. You'll need your Roxbury Library card # and the email address associated with it. If you're setting your Book It! (previously I.Queue Reserve) preferences for the first time, you'll be prompted to create an account. 

Step 2: Select up to 15 of your favorite authors. You may suggest additional authors which staff will review and let you know if they are added to the program. 

Step 3: We'll purchase enough copies to satisfy demand and inform you when your copy is ready for you. We'll do this for every new book printed by every author on your list! 


Manage Your Book It! Preferences


Frequently Asked Questions

    • The Book It! service directly impacts our purchasing decisions. It would be awesome if we could guarantee automatic purchase for every author regardless of how esoteric....but we would a. quickly run out of shelf space and b. quickly run out of money! This is why we don't include every single author (how can we?!). If enough people suggest the same new author, we'll absolutely add them to the list and make automatic purchasing and requests available! 

    • Same reason as above. Budget! Remember through, The Book It! perk automatically puts you in line for your favorite authors' next publications. You can still manually request any title by any author you want whenever you want, regardless of participation in this program.

    • Yes. This service is a privilege and a perk of the Roxbury Library. Because this directly impacts our purchasing and budget, we will remove members who consistently do not pick up their automatic holds. If you are no longer interested in an author, please log into your Book It! portal and remove them so other users don't wait for your copy sitting on the hold shelf and so the library can reduce copies purchased.

    • Maybe, but probably not. We would blow up our materials budget if we purchased 1 copy of every book for every person on an author list (think about the folks who publish a new book every month, and just how many people are always in line for them!). Instead we maintain a 5 to 1 holds ratio. If 100 people want the same author, we'll therefore purchase 20 copies of the book. You will get the book, sometimes on street day but mostly not.  

    • At this time no, but we hope to expand the Book It! service to include large type as a preference very soon. 

    • No. Our public catalog and eBook vendors don't talk to each other in this way which makes it impossible to apply this innovative feature to eBooks. However even if it was possible, we still wouldn't do it because eBooks cost the library 4-5 times as much as regular books (yes, really) per copy. There is zero chance of this being financially feasible even if it were technologically feasible. 

Book It! Authors

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